Class Descriptions

Creative movement– For the young dancer who is learning the basics of movement. The students will use their energy creatively through imagination, and will express their own individuality through dance. They will explore space, speed, pathway, and focus.

Pre-ballet – This class is designed for children who are ready to start learning basic vocabulary (French), and movements for ballet. They will be encouraged to use their creativity, but in a more structured environment.

Beginning ballet – This class will provide students their first opportunity at the barre. They will continue to learn ballet vocabulary and body placement. They will learn short combinations so they can begin putting specific fluid movements together.

Ballet I through Advanced Ballet– Students will be trained in the Ceccetti method which is used to develop strong technique. Classes will focus on balance and body alignment. They will acquire grace and flexibility while gaining strength.

Jazz – A dynamic form of dance rooted in African style. Students will use their energy with antithetical movements which can be smooth and slow or sharp and quick.

Modern – This free and expressive form of dance was created to break away from classical ballet. Enjoy twisting, curving, contracting, and expanding through movement. Dancers will find ways of letting their bodies move naturally.

Ballet workshop – Designed for the advanced dancer who would like to improve stage skills by learning repertoire. Students will learn classical variations, group dances, and original choreography.

Lyrical – This class is a fusion of ballet and jazz. Students will work on musicality and flexibility.

Hip hop – This upbeat and energetic style of dance is a form of street dance that has evolved from our hip hop culture. It is very popular with our teenage group.